Patient Testimonials

"I have lived in Michigan for eleven years. After moving here I had to find a dentist for me and my daughter. I have gone to several practices and after a couple of visits with each, I realized that I just could not continue with them. I found Dr. DiRezze 5 years ago, after my daughter was referred, and have been with him since. He is such a professional. He does excellent work, and he actually cares about his patients. There is DEFINATELY A DIFFERENCE with Dr. DiRezze!"
Jan G., Shelby Twp, MI

"This is the best dentist I have ever had in 51 years. He never causes me any pain. He's very friendly and informative. His staff is a reflection of the personality of Dr. DiRezze. I'll be his patient FOR LIFE!"
Ken R., Lake Orion, MI

"I was in the market for porcelain veneers. I had a medical condition that caused my teeth to appear grey. I had tetracycline staining. This is something that has bothered me since I was young. Upon finding Dr. DiRezze, he assured me of being able to assist me, even though I could not find anyone that could. He had to find a veneer that was opaque. Sure enough, he did, and the quality is incredible. He is an artist, and a compassionate dentist! I have never felt so confident with my smile, and truly happy. He took the utmost care in creating, and making sure I was comfortable with the whole process...I thank you, this was a decision I have not regretted. Thank you!!!"
Dawn P., Macomb, MI

"Getting a crown from Dr. DiRezze was one of the best dental procedures I've ever had. From cleanings to crowns, his staff has always been very friendly."
Jason B., Shelby Twp., MI

"Dr. DiRezze, I just wanted to thank you for my last visit to your dental office. I was to have a dental procedure that included a tooth extraction and I was very nervous about it. You explained the procedure to me and started on it. A few moments later I asked when you were going to pull the tooth, and to my surprise you said it was already out. I couldn't believe it! Also, you and your staff are the best dental office I have ever been to."
Betty S., Shelby Twp, MI

"Dr. DiRezze is the BEST! He makes me feel that I am in a very safe place."
Mary H., Shelby Twp, MI

"Dr. DiRezze was always very considerate as to whether anything was causing pain or if I felt uncomfortable and whether I like how everything looked. He fixed any problems immediately and I have to say that the whole procedure (extractions, implants, and new dentures) was a lot less painful than I believed it would be. I am SO PLEASED with the results! People say I look younger and happier and have a beautiful smile. Thank You so much Dr. DiRezze!!"
Carolyn M., Harrison Twp, MI

"Dr. DiRezze is awesome! He is very caring and during a difficult time in my life I had no income and yet he still was willing to see me as a patient. His hygienist Danielle is the BEST person who has ever cleaned my teeth. She is comforting and really loves people. If you need a good dentist please call Dr. DiRezze! I love you all!!!"
Nancy S., Macomb, MI

"Awesome, a memorably professional crew...I lost a partial after almost 5 years of comfort and when I came in off the street Laura remembered me! Dr. DiRezze also recalled my case and even had my record. He made a couple impressions and I'm on my way to an improved denture. How great is that? Not missing a beat with their other appointments...this is a WONDERFUL place!"
James A., Grosse Pointe, MI

"I was always self-conscious of my split in between my front teeth but after I got them bonded by Dr. DiRezze I am so much more confident and couldn't be happier with the results! And best thing was it didn't hurt at all. Now I love to smile:)"
Sara S., Macomb, MI

"My previous dentist had exposed the root while working on a filling. Later that day my tooth started hurting more than when I initially came to him. I returned to the office the next day. He looked at the tooth, patted me on the shoulder and told me that I 'was going to be OK'. I started running a fever and I started to look for a new dentist. I found Dr. DiRezze by luck. He saw exactly what was wrong immediately. I was better in no time flat! Dr. DiRezze has a great "drill side manner" and his staff is one of the best I have ever encountered. Thanks for everything Dr. DiRezze, you have made a lifetime customer."
Scott R., Washington, MI

"I have only been a patient of Dr. DiRezze's for a short time, but I LOVE the office already. The staff really care about me."
Tina L., Center Line, MI

"I had many problems with my front teeth...discoloring and old crowns. My front crown was cracked and I glued it back together. It was awful. I came to Dr. DiRezze and we made a plan that I could work with. He replaced eight of my front teeth with crowns. He took his time and if they weren't right he'd send them back until we were both happy with them. Before I had this work done I wouldn't smile with an open mouth. I was always self conscious of my mouth when I talked to people. I even missed a job interview because I didn't feel good about myself. Now all that has changed. When I laugh out loud, it's a GREAT feeling! I love Dr. D.!"
Janet V., Macomb Twp., MI

"Dr. DiRezze is always really nice and professional. He cares for his patients and is willling to work with them to get that perfect smile. I've been his patient for years and plan on staying!"
Cheryl M., Warren, MI

"I love my new smile. Former poor dental work left my mouth a challenge. Dr. DiRezze met that challenge with a plan I could understand, and patience I could appreciate. I used to be embarassed to smile or have my picture taken, but now I am proud to show my new teeth off. Thank you Dr. DiRezze for giving me back my smile!"
Rose Ann K., Macomb, MI

"Dr. DiRezze has been my dentist for several years. In my case, his outstanding work includes cosmetic veneers, crowns, and general dentistry. Dr. DiRezze and his lovely staff, Laura, Lisa, and Danielle are truly excellent professionals whose utmost concerns are the patients quality of care and the patients comfort during all necessary procedures. This dental team is the BEST!"
Ed S., Bloomfield Hills, MI

"I am very pleased with Dr. DiRezze, DDS in Shelby Twp, MI. I am a current ongoing patient (teeth and TMJ) with him and I have experienced great patience, kindness, concern, and gentleness with any form of any treatment from him. Finally a dentist who actually listens AND explains dental work to me with patience and concern. I would recomend Dr. DiRezze to all my friends and family...and I already have!"
Cheryl N., Shelby Twp, MI

"I am very, very happy with Dr. DiRezze's work and how he changed my life with my smile. He and his staff are so wonderful. I would recomend him to all my family and friends. They are PHENOMENAL!"
Marina D., Shelby Twp, MI

"I love my 2 front teeth. Spending 35 years with chipped front teeth, I wish I would have done this years ago. But I have them now, and they're BEAUTIFUL. Thank you Dr. DiRezze!"
Leslie C., Washington, MI

"Dr. Direzze, you do your thing with eloquent ease and the utmost of professionalism. You gave me my smile back, literally! Thank You! I've been to many a dentist, but you seem to have a true empathy for your patients! That is very RARE!"
Dr. Patricia, Shelby Twp

"I was worried for a week before having to have a tooth and crown removed. Then the day of...was NOTHING. Thank you Dr. DiRezze"
Carlolyn B., Shelby Twp

"Dr. DiRezze, I just wanted to let you know that the crown you did last week is great. This has been such a "different" experience from the first crown I had done 3 years ago from our previous dentist. This time was pain free, no issues, and "easy". Quite frankly I am pleasantly surprised and almost shocked because I was anticipating the same "ordeal" I went through 3 years ago. Thank you for being so gentle, kind, and the BEST dentist ever!"
Susan B., Shelby Twp

"Dr. DiRezze and his staff were all great. I was very scared to get the treatment I needed. They made me feel very comfortable and pain free. Laura is a wonderful assistant to Dr. DiRezze and I love my smile!!"
Deanna E., Harrison Twp

"I came to Dr. DiRezze's office after a difficult experience with another office. I was basically very fearful about work needed on a crown. Dr. DiRezze and his team treated me with great care and respect, eased my fears, and took care of the problem. I have experienced the same level of care and concern for all my routine care. I would definately recomend Dr. DiRezze to those searching for a GREAT dentist!"
Ruth C., Sterling Heights

"This dentist is the most gentle with giving an injection (numbing) I've ever experienced. I will never go to anyone else!"
Andrea B., Macomb

"I am extremely satisfied with all dental care. My cleaning was one of the best I've ever had. A root canal procedure also went very well."
Jim K., Shelby Twp

"In my 63 years of going to the dentist I honestly beleive that I have found the best dentist ever. From your first greeting at the front desk to any issues you have, you are treated with respect and professional care. Dr. DiRezze and his staff are friendly, knowledgeable, and very competent professionals."
Thomas S., Shelby Twp,

"Dr. Arnaldo DiRezze is the best dentist I have ever had. When he gives you the shot you can hardly feel it. He is also so caring when he is working on you."
Pamela D., Shelby Twp,

"My teeth match perfect. A perfect job!"
Dennis H., Shelby Twp,

"My family and I love Dr. DiRezze and his team. They are professional and make you feel so comfortable. We always leave with smiles on our faces. Thanks :)
Vicki N., Macomb Twp,

"I'll tell you what...Dr. DiRezze is a master with that needle!"
Mike D., Chesterfiled,

"I am so happy to have found Dr. Direzze. My teeth are perfect now. I am so happy - & the Dr. & staff are amazing - they really listen & put me at ease by explaining everything. I would recommend them to anyone."
Maween K.

"I was referred to Dr. Direzze by my sister and her husband. It was clear immediately that he was much more skilled than my old Dentist. His procedures & equipment were much more “up to date” as well."
John L.

"I get many compliments of how pretty my teeth are, once at a new job someone didn't think she knew who I was and the boss said “yes you do – she is the one with beautiful teeth."
Sue B.

"I had a visit to Dr. DiRezze's office, I had Danielle clean my teeth, the experience was great. She was very nice & personable & there was no pain. Danielle was very gentle.

The new office I just love the staff there is great & Dr. Direzze is wonderful also.

I truly love the girls: Penny, Laura & Daniella."
Thank you, C.M. A.

"I was amazed at how fast I was able to eat real food after I received my new dentures."
Jay Ann K.

"I received my mouth guard about a month ago to help with my under bite and I love it ! I can feel such a difference in the way my jaw is aligned and it helps open my airway so I am breathing better. I have also experienced fewer headaches ( I had them all the time) because of the biteguard!."
Tara M.

"I have always had issues with my teeth and have been afraid to see any dentist about them. But Dr. Direzze has made me feel important and talked me through the major decisions to get dentures. It was the best decision I have ever made. I am not afraid to smile anymore.
Thank you"

"Best Experience I've had in all my years of dental visits.
Thank you sooo much!"
Barbara V.

"Dr. DiRezze, Penny & Staff,
Thank you so much for all your work and care to make my return to dental care (after several years of being too afraid to go to the dentist!) pleasant, professional & comfortable! I feel so much better having my teeth taken care of and look forward to future work to keep my mouth healthy and improve my appearance and confidence!
Thanks again, Richelle"

"Dr. DiRezze is a blessing! His Staff is wonderful as well! As a professional ballet dancer and therapy dog handler my smile is the first thing people see and he always takes great care of me to ensure that my smile is at its best! I appreciate him and his great staff!"
Moorey-Margaret M.

"I've never been so happy at the dentist before! I'm so excited that Dr. DiRezze is taking care of my teeth! I've never been this comfortable at a dentist in my life!"
Richelle M.

"This was the best experience I have had at the dentist! Tooth was removed & implant post put in at the same appointment. I had to wait a year last time so this was very impressive!"
Alison T.

"Danielle is really gentle & easy to see. I really appreciate it because I generally don't do well, but, she makes it pleasurable.
Thank you Danielle"
Barbara V.

"I got implants put in to hold my dentures & this is the best they have felt - ever! so much more comfortable!"
Tim B.

"I am 49 years old and have had several dental procedures thought my life some not so good and some good of all the dentists I have been to I have to say this has been my best one. The procedure I had done was not an easy one by far the best hands I've had to work on me I would recommend to anyone."
Jeff P.

"When I first came here I was extremely terrified! Scared and very unsure of the dentist. However even after the *drilling* which I truly(hate!). I Can really say I love coming to "my" dentist family. They are all wonderful. I love all of them - making me feel great about my dental condition was only a small part of the kindness (this) My family is truly remarkable. I am afraid no longer. I look forward to my visits :) Dr. DiRezze is wonderful, a great great dentist! The ladies are the best! He's helped my negative energy & feeling scared and I can smile again."
Janice R.

"Wow! Just wanted to say thanks as always! For your wonderful service. Your staff and professionalism bar none. This is by far the best place to go and get your teeth cleaned. Danielle is the best hygienist I have/will ever have. Thanks Danielle. Happy holidays! God bless you all!!"
James B.

"I am so happy that my husband the dentist. They make you feel so great and their so friendly. It makes your work so much easier."
Shelby B.

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This is the best dentist I have ever had in 51 years. He never causes me any pain. He's very friendly and informative. His staff is a reflection of the personality of Dr. DiRezze. I'll be his patient FOR LIFE! Ken R., Lake Orion, MI

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More Info Directions (586) 726-0030